A part of our mission is to support projects for education. On a local level, we have an outreach community. Due to the limitations of the pandemic, we've altered our approach and now offer mostly virtual workshops and education sessions. This gives us an opportunity to now reach people globally. Be sure to check out our online assortment of classes. 

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Wellness Education

We believe that illness and the way we manage illness are rooted in our food choices and the way those foods are prepared and how often they are consumed. For that reason, our focus on health and wellness outreach and education look at food therapy, environmental factors, and fitness. 

Early Childhood Education

Playtime and early exposure to the fundamentals of education and access to technology are crucial to the building blocks for children. 2021 was a year of refocusing on our outreach to children of marginalized communities.  

Kid Playing with Bubble