Our EE (Employment Experience) program is a spin-off of a program in Moshi, Tanzania that was implemented and managed for 5 years by Jafari Msaki for Africa Volunteer Corps.


There is no discrimination on the basis of academic or professional background. We accept applications from candidates in a wide variety of fields because we seek individuals who match the needs of local development initiatives, and these needs are various. Valuable backgrounds include, but are in no way limited to: community development, economics/economic development, education, accounting/finance, marketing, communications, IT and public health.


  • At least a diploma by the start date of orientation

  • Most qualified applicants will have: strong school grades; demonstrable management, employment, or leadership experience/skills; strong communications skills and demonstrable problem-solving abilities; creativity, self-motivation, dedication and a strong desire to use their education and skills to help Tanzanian communities.

  • Proof of Tanzanian citizenship

  • Have completed a diploma or degree within two years of applying of the start date of Orientation (i.e. you have not been out of school for more than two years)

  • Willingness to make a full-time commitment for 6 - 12 months

Does your organization qualify?

We only work with locally-initiated development projects. This means that the organization was founded by locals and is registered in Tanzania as at the national, regional, or district level and not as an international organization opening a branch in Tanzania.


Why do we work only with local organizations?

We recognize that there are many organizations, both locally-and internationally-initiated that are doing good work in Tanzania, making an impact and improving lives. We also believe, however, that the most sustainable kind of development comes from the grassroots, from local people themselves. We attempt to strengthen local efforts to improve their corner of the world, according to their own definitions of challenges, progress, and development. We also recognize that organizations that were founded outside of Tanzania or by people from outside of Tanzania likely have access to resources that are largely unavailable to local organizations. We want to help ensure that local development efforts are just as strong and effective as those that have ties to wealthier parts of the world. We believe that Tanzania holds all the answers to its own future, that those answers will come from Tanzania's people. Grassroots organizations are on the front lines of development and AIM-Tanzania wants to strengthen and harness the energy of Tanzania’s development leaders.

Local volunteers can apply online.


NGO's can apply to receive volunteers/interns by sending an application request to info@africaintegrativemedicine.org.