Hosted by Stacey Scott Msaki and Kimberly Ashton


Stacey owns wellness and community lifestyle brands; Harper Monroe Africa and Africa Integrative Medicine (AIM Tanzania). Through the initiatives of these organizations, she supports projects for healthcare, education, and community development in Tanzania and the US. She studied acupuncture, massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Health and Science medical school in New York City where she helped to initiate the "Cooking with Herbs" workshops. Her fun approach to teaching and promoting wellness through travel offers a holistic way to healing and balancing the mind, body, and spirit. (


Kimberly is a Wellness Coach, TCM Food Therapist, Author, and Yin Yoga teacher. She spent 16 years living in Asia where she co-founded China's first health food store, kitchen classroom, and cafe. She is passionate about combining the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, the 5 Elements, and modern-day nutrition to support more people to rebalance their energies and improve their health. Her brand, Qi Food Therapy is an online platform for learning about Food Therapy, Emotional Wellness, and Energy Medicine through e-books, e-courses, consultations, and community. (


This Intro course combines the 5 Elements, Macrobiotic & Chinese medicine food therapy, Food energetics, and Western nutrition to present a holistic perspective on understanding functional food and energy. Often in Western nutrition, we focus on micronutrients, counting calories, proteins, fats, and carbs. Without an understanding of the energetic qualities of different foods, that method doesn't provide the BIG PICTURE. In Chinese Medicine, the organs, 5 Elements of nature, the seasons, and seeing the body as a whole system of codependent parts helps to create a framework of how food is medicine and energy to your organs, meridians, mind, and body.


We will move through the 5 Elements in terms of seasons, cycles, functional foods, properties of different foods, and cooking styles so that you can apply this wisdom to your daily life and start to feel the difference and awareness of the elements.


This online class is suitable for beginners with no Chinese Medicine experience and also suitable as a refresher for acupuncturists, TCM practitioners, Yin Yogis, and Qigong practitioners.



Food Therapy and Energetics Workshops

This series of 5 online classes take you through each of the 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, in more detail and we cover the following themes for each:

Natural qualities of each element

The role of the seasons in the 5 Element cycle on our mind-body health

Direction of energies

Functional foods for the organs


Cooking styles

Seasonal health tips

Navigating emotional tendencies and how to rebalance with food therapy for each element

Creating a relationship with nourishing foods, meridians & organ health to cultivate your wellness by "balancing life energies"


Learn how to plan and prepare meals for each element and manage the shift in between each season so that you can live more in balance with the 5 Elements. Each season and each element represent different states for our physical health, for the organs, our mood, emotions, and food and food energetics all play a role in harmonizing and balancing your health.


We will also share some "Chinese Superfoods" and functional everyday ingredients you can try that are easy to prepare, super delicious, and that your organs will love.